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    Talking Hi, I need advice in certification.

    I just passed the SCJP and I'm thinking which certification I should get at the following, the exams that i'm considering are:
    3)Oracle Certified Professional JDeveloper
    4)Microsoft Certified Professional

    My purpose of taking certification is:
    1) Improve my IT knowledge. Honestly, exam can motivate me to learn more.
    2) Increase my value in the employment market.
    3) Get one job I like.

    I just have one year working experience. I'm interested in software design and development. I realised that the SUN CERTIFIED ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT is more keen on design and management of one software development so I'm wondering that is what I'm looking for instead of the SUN CERTIFIED DEVELOPER. Oracle Certified Professional JDeveloper is also under my consideration because I have got the SCJP so I can start from the step 2 of the certification and at the same time I admit that my knowledge in database is very weak so I think this might also improve me in that area. The reason that MCP is also here is that most of the time I develop application on Microsoft platform and I'm also interested in learning the .NET. I was thinking may be I can get one certification on SQL2000 design and implemetation first before I start out with other exam to get MCSD.NET but I'm worry that taking MCSD from now on will make my SCJP a waste.
    So, I really need advice from anybody who more experienced in all these exam or may be some employer tell me that which certification is more required in the market now.

    I'll be very grateful if someone can give me some advice because taking any of this will cost me a bomb so that I hope I can make a right decision.

    At last, I would like to apologize that I cannot type chinese here and I admit that I am a bit long winded. :]

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    My first question I always have is how long will it take me to become certified - some are 1 exam others are 5-7 exams. How comfortable are you with proceeding with the scd j2ee certification ? - If you feel you can knock it out within 3-4 months - go that direction and then pickup on the mcsd/mcad certification from ms. The sun path is a much harder curriculum than the mcsd/mcad from ms - but since you started with the scjp I would go ahead and finish that track (since what you learn along the way with java will only benefit you with .net). The oracle certification may not be needed if you have your java certification - I am not sure since I am not familiar with what is needed for that certificaition.

    Good luck !!!

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    Talking Thank you.

    Thank you for your advice.

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