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    Unanswered: SQLServer connection

    Hi All!
    I'm trying to connect to sql Server via ODBC; SQLServer prompts a window where to write logid and password every time I write the wrong uid or password, and what is more, it is always possible to check the 'use tusted connection' flag that lets you enter with no problems.
    Is there a way to avoid this?
    Thakns a lot

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    Talking SQL authentificatie

    If you get access with a trusted connection, windows authentification is uses and not SQL authentification.
    Check in the enterprise manager the logins. Maybe there is a group DOMAIN USERS with access.

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    Smile SQLServer connection

    Thank you for your answer Daan!
    My problem is slightly different, probably I was not clear: I don't want the login window to appear, but it seems that using ODBC connection, this is unavoidable.
    I would like to reproduce tha same behaviour you have using sql client connection...

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