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    Unanswered: Adding records to th current table

    I am working on a pedigree database. The attached form in jpg format is based on the tblPedigree . The table has only three fields. The form I have has three bound controls (Dog, Sire, Dam) or (Dog, Father, Mother). The rest are unbound controls referencing each other etc to bring up a five generation pedigree. Information is retrieving properly but I would like to be able to input all five generations into this table. Currently if I am using this form, only the initial Dog, Sire and Dam are input into the tblPedigree.

    Basically I would like the records through out the whole pedigree to update the tblPedigree if they are not in the tblPedigree already. The attached picture shows the relationships of each of the fields. So for one dog there should be 31 records appending to the current tblPedigree if they are not in the Table already.

    SO I need two things. First a search to see if the dogs are in the Dog Field in the tblPedigree. Then after hitting the enter button for each of these records to append to the tblPedigree .

    I hope I have made sense. Is this even possible?

    Thank you
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    IMHO it will be done easier with a treeview control and some VBA.

    regards nouba

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