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    Post Unanswered: FileMaker Pro Certification

    Does anyone know of a FileMaker certificaiton that is available? I know about the FSA (FileMaker Solutions Alliance) but I'm not planning to be an independent developer of FileMaker pro databases. I would just like the resume builder since I've done so many years of FileMaker development.


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    FM Pro Certification


    There currently is a certification program available for FileMaker Pro 11/11 Advanced which recently has included FileMaker Go Development as well. You need to be running the latest version of FileMaker Pro on Macintosh/Windows. The cost is $99 US plus shipping. It comes with the book, a DVD of tutorials and electronic version of the book on the included DVD for your iOS Mobile Devices and computer viewing electronically. Then when ready to take the exam, you can check out under the consultants section for Certified Consultants that you will be able to go to for taking the exam. Last time I inquired Jan. 2011 the cost for certification was $150 US. Hope this answers your question. Good luck.

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    FileMaker publishes the "FileMaker Training Series" which is used to teach people who want to take the FileMaker Developer Certification test. FileMaker's list price is $99, but you can often find specials when purchasing FileMaker software or through FileMaker's Technet. I've seen it as inexpensive as $20, but most special offers are like $50. The price gets cheaper as a development cycles gets long in the tooth and just before a new upgrade.

    As of summer 2012, the current version is FileMaker 12. The FileMaker 12 Certification information can be found on FileMaker's web site at Database Skills, FileMaker Pro Training | FileMaker

    FileMaker's certification covers everything from the User Interface, to the DBA, to web publishing. This is unlike most big SQL databases that have various certifications for different areas of expertise (e.g., general dba, security, cloud, etc.). It is not an easy test and I had to take it twice to pass it. It is a pass/fail grade only and you are not informed exactly what your score is after taking the test. Many of the major testing companies that do computer certifications offer FileMaker Certification testing. I used Prometric and they cost $150 as of Summer 2013.

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