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Thread: Cpu 100%

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    Unanswered: Cpu 100%

    Oracle8.0.5 On NT 4.0 . 10~20 Online User , Heavy batch running scheduled .

    The CPU sometime peak at 100% when the batch is running .
    User complain the speed ( ANd they thought the server is dead :-) .

    How do you think , Which way should I enter to tune the database in this case
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    Similar setup and problem. However, I have about 120 users in the system. The CPU will stay at 100%, and won't drop. Only resolution is to re-boot the server. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You could always work with a database sever that can handle multiple users...

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    Usually if you get 100% CPU it is usually to many concurrent transactions. It can also occur if the CPU is spinning waiting to get access to resources i.e. contention.

    You really need to look at what the batch process is doing and then try out different solutions until you hit the right one. If you dont have access to the source code for the batch job look at the v$sqlarea (do a flush shared_pool just before the batch job) or switch on tracing ( though this will slow things down a lot potentially). You may need to optimize the database but more likely it will be the way the batch process works i.e. it might be doing lots of small transactions which it might be possible to aggregate into fewer but larger transactions.

    Apologies for being vague but without more info on what the batch job is doing and the configuration of the database it is difficult to advise.


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