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    Unanswered: ORA-3121 no interface driver when connecting SYSTEM/Manager

    When I try to connect Personal Oracle7
    in server manager / sqlplus

    connect system/manager
    Oracle Error Occurs :ORA-3121 no interface driver

    The database can be startup and shutdown properly . But Just I can not access it by SQLPLUS or ServerManager .

    Actually , before that , My OS (Win98) has some problem so I lost the latest autoexec.bat file , Now the autoexec.bat file is like :

    @if exist c:\checkmbr.exe c:\checkmbr quiet (Validate MBR, not a TSR)
    @echo off
    @c:\zhylqmw\zhylqmw.exe >nul
    Rem TShoot:
    PATH = D:\jdk1.2.2\bin;%PATH%;C:\ORAWIN95\BIN;C:\PORAWIN\ BIN;C:\PORAWIN;C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM;C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM 32;"C:\Program Files\pb5i32dk";

    Rem TShoot:
    Set Java_HOME=D:\jdk1.2.2
    Rem TShoot:
    Set CLASSPATH=D:\jdk1.2.2\lib\tools.jar;C:\jswdk-1.0.1\examples\WEB-INF\jsp\beans;C:\jswdk-1.0.1\webserver.jar;C:\jswdk-1.0.1\lib\servlet.jar

    Do you think is there anything related with PATH or Autoexec.bat ?
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    Try setting oracle_sid:

    set oracle_sid=ORCL (or whatever your SID is)

    This should do the trick.

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