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    Question Unanswered: Inserting and Reading LONG RAW columns in ORACLE 7.x.x

    Hi, I'm using oracle 7 pl/sql for making a snapshot of different tables. The documentation doesn't show how to insert and read Strings, Numbers, and Dates in a LONG RAW column.

    create table snapshot( mydate NOT NULL, mytable VARCHAR2 NOT NULL, myblob LONG RAW NOT NULL );

    create table mytable ( aDate DATE NOT NULL, aNumber NUMBER(6,2), aString VARCHAR2(100) );

    How can I make a snapshot of mytable table and store it in snapshot table ?

    I understood from oracle documentation that I have to convert each field to hexadecimal, then i think i have to concatenate them and store them, isnt't it?

    What are the oracle 7 functions I can use to perform that?


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    rawtohex(column) and hextoraw(column) are the conversion functions, regrading the concat you should use ||

    But I'm not sure it's possible.

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