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    Question Unanswered: Using option groups in subform??

    I have to display a listing, grouped by provider, on a form and have 3 option buttons for each row to select the action to take on each record. I created a subform with the row listing, including the 3-button option group, in the detail to display the records within the provider group. The provider information is located in the subform report header.

    The main form contains command buttons in the report header and the subform in the detail.

    The problem is that when I click on an option button in any row the value changes on all records. How can I have the option buttons on each row operate independently of other rows?

    Is there a better way to display this?

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    If your controls are unbound (which I assume is the case) the value is not stored for every record individually even if it's a data sheet/endless form. You'll need to add these options in your underlying data source to be able to handle each record individually.

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