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    Question Unanswered: converting formtool database to access

    hey everyone,
    i have a user our purchasign department who uses formtool 97 (3.1) to generate and track PO's. we are lookign into gettign rid of that and moving towards an access based application (Track-it 5.0)

    the data files in her formtool folder are .dbf and .mdx files.

    I am able to open import them into an access file (by going to file, open in access and choosign thefile and then the index(.mdx file)).

    the problem is that after i get the table imported, it has a dbf icon instead of a normal table icon and i am unable to modify the structure of the table because it says it is a linked table or something like that.

    is there a way to import the .dbf table as a normal access 2000 table that i can then modify the structure of?

    please help

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    Rather than opening the database you need to import it.
    Use File->External data->Import

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