I have an MS Access 2000 backend DB which is password protected. The front end app (which is also MS Access 2000) has linked tables to the backend DB.

Everything was working fine, then one day, the front end app could not connect to the backend DB.

When I opened the backend DB, I entered the password as usual, then I got the following error:

"The database data.mdb needs to be repaired or isn't a database file. You or another user may have unexpectedly quit Microsoft Access while a Microsoft Access database was open. Do you want Microsoft Access to attempt to repair the database?

When I click 'Yes' to repair the DB, I get the following errors:

"Not a valid password"

"The database data.mdb can't be repaired or isn't a Microsoft Access database file"

"Not a valid password"

The password has never been changed, as I am the only one who knows the password.

I am lost on this one.....can anyone help??