Hello, I'm new to this forum. I hope this is the appropriate place to post this question. Is it possible to set up pop-up lists or menus to be multiple selectable? This was doable in Filemaker 2, I believe, but nothing since.

I seem to be able to do it sometimes with pop up menus with the shift key, but it is temperamental, or I just haven't figured out the trick to it. If I have 10 items selected and I attempt to select one more, sometimes it just deselects all the others and selects the new one. Even when this works, it is with custom value lists, not anything from other files or fields.

I don't want to use checkboxes or radio buttons so I can save real estate.


there's a way to put the checkbox list in a scrollable container. Anyone know if this is possible?

I appreciate any help with this. This one feature is holding me up, because the d'base I'm creating is highly dependent on it.