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    Unanswered: sizing estimates

    I am building a database that will be queried to produce statistics on firewall performance. The database will store logfile lines which are written by proxy servers running on various firewall machines.

    The data model can be viewed here:

    With the logfiles currently generating 600Mb of compressed data per day (compression is reducing their size by a factor of 10 approx). I need to store at least a years worth of this data,
    approximately 210 GB compressed (600Mb*350days).
    By how much should I expect the data to grow if imported to Oracle8i?

    Is it possible to use any kind of compression when storing it in the database?

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    Seems to me there is only one way to find out. Load one day worth of data into a test database and look at the size of the line table. Then multiply it by 365 to get an estimate of one year worth of data.

    As far as I know there is no way of compressing data within Oracle. You may be able to write a compression/decompression routine yourself, however this will have an impact on performance and it will make querying the database a lot more difficult.

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