This might get a little tricky to explain, so please bear with me.

I'm running a scheduled job every 3 minutes. The job has two steps - it executes a stored proc in one database, then it executes an identical stored proc in another database.

The stored proc is part of a forum - it processes the contents of the mailbox specified in the SQL Mail profile. For each message, it looks in whichever database it's running in for a registered user with that email address - if it finds one, it drops the email body into the database - etc, etc.

I'm getting some very funny behaviour from the job that runs these 2 identical SP's. Despite refreshing, it constantly reports that it's executing the job, and never updates the "last run" date. The problem is that it doesn't seem to be processing emails for one "forum" (ie: database) - although it will process emails for the other at the same time.

I appreciate that this is a bit of a vague description - I'll try and post more info as I get it. But has anyone any ideas? Seen anything like it?

Any suggestions appreciated.