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    Unanswered: Avery Mail Labels

    I'm running a report that generates Avery mail labels. Is there some way to choose the location on the label sheet that a given address prints? The software always assumes that you're starting with the label in the upper left-hand corner of the sheet. However, if you have already used half the sheet of labels, this can be a problem. Any thoughts?


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    As always, I recommend a book rather than paste lots of code.

    The exact solution you are looking for is found in the following book in Chapter 9 starting on page 692.

    Highly Recommend
    Access 2000 - Developer's Handbook (Volume 1: Desktop Edition)
    ISBN: 0-7821-2370-8
    $50 - $60

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    Try using Label Saver:

    Label Saver is a freeware MS Access module that will allow your users to specify a label printing start position and a number of copies of each label to print. Using Label Saver means you don't have to throw out that half-used sheet of labels. Just continue printing from the next available label!

    Hope this helps,
    Peter De Baets
    Peter's Software - Microsoft Access Tools for Developers

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    Thanks folks.

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