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    Question Unanswered: Exploded Bill of Materials

    In a table, I have an "Item Numbers" field and a "Number Type" (limited to "Assembly" or "Component") field. I have another table with "Assembly", "Component", and "Quantity" fields. I fill the first two fields in the second table with "Item Numbers" from the first table and fill in the "Quantity" field. Creating a report that lists all of the components and it's quantity for a given assembly is easy. But I also want the report to do a subreport (perhaps the wrong term, here) each time the component's number type is an assembly. Suggestions?
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    Re: Exploded Bill of Materials

    Create a TEMP table in Access. Go through your records and create a report table. Each time you run that report you go record by record and append the table with the data. The report will be based off of the temp table. Each time you close the report run a delete *.* from the table to empty the contents.


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