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    Exclamation Unanswered: The reason for unexpected growth in mdf file

    I have experienced a sudden increase in my database ie mdf ,since last 2 days hardly there is a 2mb of data being entered i found there is an increase of 400mb.
    can any body let me know the reason for this unexpected growth and remedy for the same.
    for info i observed the show-contig report and found fragmentation is under control.
    prompt reply will be highly appriciated

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    Are you using Informix?
    What is mdb? a database?
    How do you calculate the size of yr database? With onstat -d?
    You can check table per table what the growth is.

    If you are using IDS, check the sysptnhdr table in sysmaster database.
    do a sum of the pages columns. Here you can see the difference between allocated space and actually used space.

    I assume a table allocated a big extent in your dbspace.
    sysextents holds this info.

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