How does PSQL Performance compare with other SQL products? I have been working with MYSQL for a few weeks and it seems wicked fast compared with PSQL. I am using 2 different servers of course with very different setups.

The PSQL is a 550 XEON server with 768MB Ram 120MB are allocated to PSQL cache, it has 54GB in a 10,000 RPM MYLEX Raid configuration on NW5 SP6. The machine runs three PSQL Databases

The MYSQL is on a 933 PIII Workstation with Windows 2000. It has 512MB Ram is running 3 Websites with good traffic.

The mysql will load a table of 17000 records instantly. Display all databases instantly and do most find query's in under .05 seconds.

PSQL on the other hand takes 15 seconds to load the PSQL Connection Center to view my list of tables. Takes another 2-3 seconds to list the tables in the database. Search queries are OK. Most in less than 1 second but not .05 seconds.

Is there something I'm doing wrong with PSQL? I would think that having the RAID would make things much faster for larger databases however this does not appear to be the case.

Any thoughts concerns etc. are appreciated.