I am setting up replicatio nfor the first time, and have read up on it a bit.
There are alot of different replication topologies mentioned, but I aven't seen one where the distributor and subscriber is on the same server.
Why is that ? I have to servers A and B.
A is doing all the daily work, while B is to be used as a report server.
Once a day I wish to move some data from A to B using snapshot replication, but I also wish to do transaction replication on some other tables from A to B to keep them reasonably up to date on both machines.
I want A to be publisher, and B to be both distributor and subscriber.
I have read that the distributor can use quite a lot of resources, and that is why I don't want it to be A.
Is there anything stopping me from setting up the replication like this ?
Or is it just not a good idea for some other reasons ?