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    Unanswered: DB2 NT Performance

    We recently completed an upgrade from UDB 6.1 to 7.2 fp 7. For the most part, performance seems to better. However, one of our most intensive executables (read & insert) now runs in twice the time - 4 hours now versus >2hrs under ver 6.1. Unfortunately we no longer have a 6.1 environment to compare/analyze. Additionanlly, this executable contains 132 packages. Db2 for Windows/UNIX does not have a Plan entity as does s/390 which controls all the packages for an application. So the only way we know to determine Packages of an executable is to do string searches ("SQLARTIN") and manually record the package names. Unlike Platinum on OS390, we're also not aware of a tool for NT that automates analyzing an executable and Explaining its Packages, much less ranking the SQLs by cost. Running Db2 Event Monitor while the executable runs is the best way to identify high cost packages, but produces so much output for major programs such as this that DB2's tools are overwhelmed by the volume.

    I feel like we're looking for that needle in the haystack but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: DB2 NT Performance

    Without knowing specifics, have you tried the basic tuning issues : Bufferpools set properly? Have you ran runstats so it can use indexes properly? I would guess it has more to do with these than the differences between 6 and 7....

    You should be able to evaluate sql costs using db2 visual explain. There are also tools available, i.e. Quest Central for db2..........

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