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    Unanswered: Script Center problem: dba2052E

    We have a Siebel implementation of db2 6 on Windows 2000.

    Can not get any scripts to execute from the script center. Always get dba2052E Unable to Execute job due to logon failure.

    The drilldown on this description says the password or userid is invalid.

    The ID we are using is owner of the instance, so it is guaranteed to be a valid db2 user and password, it connect via command line and to even get into the script center etc. So this must be a Windows issue?

    Has anyone seen this, and does the user have to be set up a certian way within the OS?


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    Got this resolved with the help of IBM support:
    We had to change the DB2DAS00 service to run locally, stop and start the service and then our scripts worked.

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