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    Unanswered: Sizing to Window

    Can anyone help Im using this move size command
    DoCmd.MoveSize 0, 0, 12000, 9000
    To size my forms to fill the screen when it opens (with the Pop Up property set to yes in the form so that it goes over the toolbars to hide them) however this only works at 800 600 resolution is there any code that would size the form to the window no matter what size monitor or resolution is used.

    Thanks all

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    Have a look at

    the InsideHeight, InsideWidth properties
    the WindowHeight, WindowWidth properties
    Roger Hampson
    XI - ecs (UK) Ltd

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    There are third-party form rescaling solutions available that might help:

    A shareware version of a form rescaling module I wrote called ShrinkerStretcher is available at this web site:

    FMS has a sizer module at

    The Access Developer's Handbook has form resizing code included:

    For more informmation, there are some great articles about form scaling in the December 2000, and May 2001 SmartAccess newsletter. Check it out here:

    Hope this helps,

    Peter De Baets
    Peter's Software - MS Access Tools for Developers

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