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    Question Unanswered: Single Trigger on multiple tables

    Hi Guys,

    Does any know whether it is possible to create one trigger on multiple tables. What I mean to say is :

    Assume ther are 3 tables X, Y, Z.
    I want to insert a row into the table A for any UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE action on any of the X, Y, Z tables.

    I want to accomplish the above using one trigger only.

    Please help me or point me to any references.


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    You would need to create threee triggers one each for tables X, Y and Z. Assuming the table attributes were the same you could use the same trigger with the exception of changing the name trigger name.

    If you goal is to apply a trigger to lets say table A for an Insert, Update or Delete on Tables X, Y or Z you can't do that.
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