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    Unanswered: Query/report problem

    New, self taught, and first major project!! That said i have a database with 9 tables, 7 of the tables are reports generated from our telephone system which i have automated to update daily using an append query. I am now working on queries an reports to manipulate the data as i need/want them. My current problem is this I am using a select query, and my report is run off the select query. The query is pulling the data i need but is showing the data in wrong order, i.e.

    I am trying to run it by time 8am, 8:30am etc... on the report it is starting at 1pm, then 1:30pm etc...

    THe table is showing in proper order, i varified that the properties in the table, query, and report for the time are all in the same format and input mask. Tried sorting data through the query by assending and desending but can not get it to go in the proper order.

    Can anyone suggest or help????

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    Is the field holding the time declared as a Date/Time field or a text field. If it is declared as a text field, then you would expect 1pm to appear before 8am because 1 comes before 8. 1am would appear first, if you had any in your database.

    Make sure it is declared as a Date/Time field. It should sort correctly then.
    Roger Hampson
    XI - ecs (UK) Ltd

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