I do have a few problems:

Problem 1:

I am running into trouble with formatting graphs. I am drawing graphs (actually it is one graph) straight to a report.

Do you have any good source of how to format graphs? Getz's two-volume books seem not to be helping; may be the answers are there but I just can't seem to find them.

I want all the lines to be black and I want to move and resize the legend so that I can have enough space to plot my graphs.

On the same report, I have a pie chart, a linear graph (that is giving me griefs, and a bar chart. But i do not thisnk that crouding the page is the probem (at least not direclty)

If someone has a good example, please send it to me.

Problem 2:

I am developing my app is in Access 2000 and will be run on a machine that has Office 97. Do I have to do anything else other than compiling it into an MDE in order for it to run successfully on that machine (that has Office 97)?