I am relying on the Oracle Masters [GURUS], so please help me out

Can Oracle 9i load data directly from Sybase 11.5?

I know one can load data via data loaders, but I want know can one directly establish connection using something like “DTS” functionality available in MS-SQL server
If yes, how can this be achieved?

I am aware of gateway documentation that allows Oracle to talk with Sybase, but I do not have full knowledge of how this is achieved.

Can someone please provide any information on this gateway topic?

I luckily got an URL from Oracle web site: http://otn.oracle.com/docs/products/...h3.htm#1007394 (after you log in) where it states clearly how one can write PL/SQL program to fetch results in Sequential mode, but my question is about performance. Is fetching data using of PL/SQL is faster or bcp’ing out data from Sybase and then loading this data using “data loader” is faster. I am talking of data that may be around 3,000,000 rows per day. Has anyone worked on this system? Is yes how can you relate the performance using both methods

I am aware in Oracle 8i and 9i, in Supplied PL/SQL packages UTL_FILE package one can create an output file from stored procedure in Oracle, but in Sybase we do not have this functionality. Only one solution is to “bulk” copy data from Sybase and load it in Oracle using data loader.

Can one use C-DBLIBRARY with PRO*C programs to link Sybase with Oracle?