I am using access97 as an frontend to an ingres database. I am succesfulley connected to this database and i can look into some tables using access. I cannot look completely into three tables of this database.
Two fault situations appear:
1 - After opening the table i see some records and when i do a page down #name? appears in the fields odbc-call failed error 3146.
2 - this fault appears directly.

This error also occurs when i use stored procedures or vba to approach the tables.
i made a sql trace and sometimes this error appaears in the trace:
196:18d EXIT SQLExecute with return code -1 (SQL_ERROR)
HSTMT 0x0a272838
DIAG [S1000] [CA][Ingres ODBC Driver][Ingres]optimizer ran out of memory before generating execution plan (4) .

The difference with the other tables in the database is that the tables that give the odbc error have muliple primary keys.
Can someone help me please with this problem.
Jolande Vlug, the Netherlands