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    Question Unanswered: Importing HTML Tables using DTS

    I have successfully used DTS to convert the tables and associated data imbedded in web pages into SQL Server tables. However, I have been running into a an error on certain web site (more than one) when trying to create an HTML File Source (not during transformation, just when I select the file name in HTML File Source and Click OK) using DTS. I get the error message 'Microsoft Jet Database Engine, Error Description: Unspecified Error.' When I try importing these same pages into MSAccess, I get a similar error, with the error code (-5016). I have searched MSDN and MS Knowledgebase and can't find a reference to this anywhere. When I try to import these same pages using MSExcel, it works correctly. Any idea what is going on?

    For anyone that is interested, I have attached one of the HTM files that causes this problem. I changed the extension to .TXT so that I could attach it to this post.

    I'm running SQL Server 2002, version 8.00.534, Windows XP with latest SP, and Office XP with Latest SP.
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