I'm wondering if anyone can help me with my blackbaud problem. We run blackbaud as an application. We also do backups five days a week.
Blackbaud cannot be backed up using an open file option. Therefore I followed the instructions in the blackbaud administrative handbook to automatically start and stop blackbaud as an application.

Following the instructions, I created a batch file and used the at utility in Windows NT 4 to automatically start it at 6:00 am. The syntax of the batch file starts blackbaud, and then stops it at 10:30 pm (22:30 in the batch file).

The syntax of the batch file is -
C:\WINNT\system\DBSRV50.EXE -nREWIN_BLACKBAUD C:\REWIN\re.db -c 8MB -tl 0 -ti 0 -ta 0 -tr 0 -tq22:30

For about four weeks it stopped at 10:30 pm without a hitch. Then last week it suddenly refused to stop. One thing that's interesting is when blackbaud starts up, the stop time entry is one space to the right of the start time entry in the messages section. Here is what I mean -

06:00- Start time: 6:00 am
06:00- Stop time: 10:30 pm

Just wondering if that has anything to with it.

Also in the messages section, it shows that checkpoint starts and finishes every half hour. Again, here's what I mean -

12:00- Starting Checkpoint (date) (time)
12:30- Finishing Checkpoint (date) (time)
13:00- Starting Checkpoint (date) (time)
13:00- Finishing Checkpoint (date) (time)

If anyone has any suggestions or solutions, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.