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    Unanswered: Newbie Linking Tables Question

    Hi, i'm an experienced programmer, but not in Access/VBA programming, and neither in DAO nor ADO.

    I am trying to setup a remote link to an ODBC source on a server that has a backend DB, and i am designing the front end.

    Here is the code i am using to open the ADO connection, as far as i can tell it works (ie: doesn't give any errors)

    Dim objConnection
    Set objConnection = New ADODB.Connection

    Dim ConnectionString As String
    ConnectionString = "ODBC;Provider=MS Remote;" & _
    "Remote Server=http://gx1283;" & _
    "Remote Provider=MSDASQL;" & _
    "DSN=ODBCtest;" & _
    "UID=James;" & _

    objConnection.ConnectionString = ConnectionString
    objConnection.ConnectionTimeout = 0

    Now, once i get to this point, how do i create the links to the external data? TransferDatabase() doesn't seem to like that connect string, and i can't find any references to link tables using ADO or RDS.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    linked tables

    I would use the Access GUI to link the front end and back end databases.
    Open up your front end database. Click on the File menu and select Get External Data and then select Link Tables. Find the backend DB file and select <theTables>.
    @ FE database in Tables you'll see the arrows next to the tables which means this FE is linked to these tables.
    You can verify the path or point to a different backend DB in Linked Table Manager window. Click on Tools menu and select Database Utilities, then select Linked Table Manager.

    Hope this is what you are look for.

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    No, unfortunately i am looking for a way to do this programatically. I do not want users to have to link the tables manually everytime they start the front end.

    Thanks though.

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