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    Unanswered: A new GUI for MySQL


    Webyog has release SQLyog 1.71. A FREE Win32 Front End for MySQL.

    SQLyog is a compact Win32 Front End for the MySQL database server. The program is aimed at users who use MySQL for their development and need an easy to use, no fuss, graphical interface to execute SQL queries and remote administration. The program supports execution of multiple queries and selected (highlighted) or single queries and offers a template explorer to quickly insert commonly used queries, such as create table, insert, drop table, rollback and others. In addition, you can export data in CSV, HTML & XML format and Import from a text file. Export data and schema itself, flush hosts/logs and more. In addition, SQLyog allows you to diagnose and optimize your databases, save your favorite SQL scripts in favorite folders and more.

    Download a free copy at

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    I dont find it that good.

    Have you ever tried MyCC. That's a good tool to create everuthing in a database, you can alter the stuff in it.

    I find MyCC the best, and it's free.


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    I have tried MyCC


    Yes I have tried MyCC and it is painfully slow and interface is very bad. I am very high query user, i have to test multiple queries during my development with PHP and SQLyog really beats every competition out there.

    Also about the designing the table, I have contacted the developers of SQLyog and they have said that are incorporating all the features in their next release.

    Even SQLyog is free and its speed..........awesome !!!


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    In the past I had been using Tora, and still do, but I found this in an earlier post to this forum and it is working well:

    It's a 100% web based GUI for MySQL. It took me less then 30 minutes to install it and get it configured on my IIS server. This time included in the install and config of php. It may not meet all your needs but it's a nice tool to have installed on your network.

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