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    Unanswered: A new GUI for MySQL


    Webyog has release SQLyog 1.71. A FREE Win32 Front End for MySQL.

    SQLyog is a compact Win32 Front End for the MySQL database server. The program is aimed at users who use MySQL for their development and need an easy to use, no fuss, graphical interface to execute SQL queries and remote administration. The program supports execution of multiple queries and selected (highlighted) or single queries and offers a template explorer to quickly insert commonly used queries, such as create table, insert, drop table, rollback and others. In addition, you can export data in CSV, HTML & XML format and Import from a text file. Export data and schema itself, flush hosts/logs and more. In addition, SQLyog allows you to diagnose and optimize your databases, save your favorite SQL scripts in favorite folders and more.

    Download a free copy at

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    Looks like an excellent piece of software especially with the recent news about MySQL-Front no longer being in production.
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    its better

    i have a database with 1000 tables and MySQL-Front hangs in it.
    It beats everybody in raw speed and performance.

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    I don't usually respond to blatant acts of advertising, but that looks pretty cool. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks.

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