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    Unanswered: Sending contents of OLE objects to email or clipboard

    Hi guys,

    My 1st time posting here. Thanks in advance for any help.

    I've got JPEG's of our products stored in OLE fields. My users need to be able to email the jpegs to people. This has proven difficult. I thought you would be able to simply copy the object and paste it into the email.
    When they select the OLE object, copy and paste it, what is pasted is a "SCRAP", which is (i assume) the OLE object wrapped around the JPEG they want.
    If they open the object in paint, the "Save As" option doesn't work. (It is active, not greyed out, but it doesn't open the dialog to save it).
    There are 5 fields for pictures (OLE 1, OLE 2 ... thru OLE 5)
    what I'd like is for a routine to copy all 5 of the JPEGs contained (less if some are empty) and save them to the clipboard so that they can be pasted wherever.

    I hope this explains my situation sufficiently. Thanks again.

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    I do not think you can send OLE objects. Instead you may have to modify the application to store the path instead of / as well as the OLE.

    Once the path is known I think you could attach the object.

    For the path method, look up previous posts on storing pictures.

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