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    Unanswered: Java IBM DB2 problem

    i have a remote DB2 database. I am using beans for connecting and fetching data from it in my JSP pages. Everything was working fine, but suddenly I am getting this error where i have the statement


    [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0615E Error receiving from socket, server is not responding. SQLSTATE=08S01

    The wierdest thing of all is that if i make a main function in this class, and run it the connection is made and i get the data. But in the JSP pages, the connection is not made.

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    Re: Java IBM DB2 problem

    Check the file jdbcerr.log under %DB2PATH%\<instance> for more details.

    Check if the driver you are using ( has the same date as the file db2jstrt.exe on the server.

    Rodney Krick

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    the jdbcerr.log has this entry a million times for yesterday and the one for today.

    (Thu Sep 12 09:20:34 2002) pid= 680 jdbcServiceConnection(): Invalid Request Received., einfo= 22113 (client IP = )

    the clientip is my machines ip.

    Also the date on the db2start.exe on the server is 5/6/2001 where as the has date 12/12/2001. would this be thr problem? should I have the same release as well?

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