I have a problem with optdiag simulate could you help me?

When I tried to do: optdiag simulate statistics db_name..table_name -U -P -o output_filename I get the following message:

OptDiag/12.0/P/RS6000/AIX 4.3.2/1576/32bit/OPT/Wed Nov 3 21:24:28 1999
Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 9775 ESD 4/RS6000/AIX 4.3.2/1700/64bit/FBO/Fri Sep 7 02:07:02 2001

Server name: "TESTSERVER"

Specified database: "base_1"
Specified table owner: not specified
Specified table: "table_1"
Specified column: not specified

Configuration Parameters:

Can't get localized message.

Optdiag failed. Check for error messages above.