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    Unanswered: ERROR: No such attribute or function 'oid'

    Hi, All

    My server runs postgres 7.1.2 and I connect my Kylix application to it by using ZeosDBO. No problems.

    I need to make some tests, then I installed postgres 7.2.2 in my laptop. When I tried to run the application in the laptop, in the first TTable I opened, I got the message error "DBEdit1: Field 'foo' not found"... editing the server.log file (in laptop), I saw the message "ERROR: No such attribute or function 'oid'"...

    Looking for an answer in the net, I read some messages that talk about some new configurations in postgres 7.2, but not a solution for it.

    Can anyone help me on this?


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    What sql-query do you send to the server?

    maybe you created the table without the oid and then try to select the oid?
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