A persistent performance problem we are seeing with an OCI application on top of Oracle 8.1.6/8.1.7 (and presumably all other Oracle versions) on HPUX and Solaris is with multiple executions of the same stored procedure. When executing the same procedure multiple times (binding different input variables with each execution) we see that the anonymous PL/SQL block (required by OCI) is being reparsed each time we execute. The SQL within the stored proc is NOT being reparsed, but the anonymous PL/SQL block IS. (Evidence seen via tkprof). For short procedures it is proving to be much more efficient to forget the procedure all together and just use direct SQL statements to avoid the reparsing costs. When re-executing SQL statements through OCI we do not have this reparsing problem. The reparsing problem only appears when re-executing stored procedures via OCI. Anyone else seen this behavior? Anyone overcome this problem?