I have two problems with the configuration of the HTTP Server.

I got an Internet-Client who gets through a Firewall to the HTTP-Server by TCP/IP. The communication between the client and the server is correct. Packages were send and received, IP-addresses were converted in the firewall. The received servername at the client is not the ip-address, it`s the name of the HTTP-server in the LAN.

Where can I set the environment varibles SERVER_NAME and HTTP_HOST to the ip-address of the server and not as it is on the name in the LAN. I tried it in the wdbsvr.app file (cgi_env_list=SERVER_NAME=,HTTP_SERVER=2.2. 2.2), but it don`t work.

While trying the same on the HTTP-server with URL http://LAN_ip/ with the DAD setting default_page = index.htm, the environment settings are shown (see above). A procedure is expected instead of index.htm.

With URL http://LAN_ip/index.htm, the page was not found.
After copying the index.htm into the PATH_INFO device or the document_path of wdbsrv.app, it was almost the same.

Please help me.