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    Question Unanswered: Send email to multiple recipients

    Hi ALl,

    I realise this is an old chestnut, but any help would be much appreciated.

    I've got a large (1500+) set of records, with email addresses, and need to be able to send one email to all addresses (or a large subset, depending on selected criteria).

    I need it to use the default mail app on the host system (initially pegasusand netscape, but needs to be robust enought to handle others)

    Options I've been trying are:

    Sendobject with list of email addys in BCC field
    SHell command to start mailto with same (ie. 'start mailto:...'

    The second runs in to a limitation on command line length (255 chars).

    Does the first have a similar problem?

    I need to be able to edit the message before it's sent, so (ideally) would like to open up the mail prog with all addresses filled in, edit the message and then send.

    I've thought about doing this directly using MAPI, and preparing the message in Access, bypassing the local mailer all together, but would prefer this as a last resort.

    Any ideas?



    PS. I'm not spamming, it's for a careers centre records system, they need to be able to send vacancy bulletins out!

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    The DoCmd.SendObject does allow you to edit the message by setting the optional EditMessage parameter to True. It will then open the message in the default mail object.

    I don't know whether you are liable to run out of characters, though. I suppose you could get round that by trying to create some form of groups within the e-mail client to cut down on the number you would have to type.
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    Yeah, only problem is I'd then lose any generality between clients, as I'd have to define mail lists for each machine I wanted to run on.

    Think I may be stuck with having to read the text for the message within a form (in Access), and then iterate through the records sending to a small subset each time (say 10, that should keep the BCC field down).

    Could be clunky, but it seems the simplest option at the moment.

    Any other ideas anyone?



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    I had to do the same thing.

    The database housed the receipient email addresses.

    I designed an Access form for then to input the initial message and included a field to select the enter the number of recepients per message.

    It opened up Outlook and created a nubmer of identical messages depending on the total number of receipients, and the figure entered above.

    It included other options in the form as well, such as to filter the receipients or whether to send the email automatically once created in Outlook or allow the user to do so.

    Worked well once the user dropped the recipients per email figure, as their ISP had a restrictiong on the number of receipients per email.

    I used Outlook Automation for this project but others could be used as well.

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