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    Unhappy Unanswered: VBA Size unbound object frame on report

    I have a report which I am trying to design...

    It is a list of "events" which I want in a "Planner" type formate ie

    event 1 9th-12th Sept X
    event 2 10th-14th Sept X
    event 3 20th-21st Sept X

    There is also an unbound object frame represented by X (with a coloured background) called EvBar

    ...Which I want to dynamically size and position during the detail_format event of the report so that the report gives visual representation of the days the events is taking place over


    event 1 9th-12th Sept_____XXXX
    event 2 10th-14th Sept______XXXX
    event 3 20th-21st Sept______________________XX

    Essentially, I think I need to change the "width" and "left" properties of EvBar

    Can this be done?

    I know there are "Gantt chart" add ins available but I want to design this report myself so that I can customise it further.

    Any advice greatly appreciated

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    Smile Hurahhh!

    Found a great solution....


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