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    Question Unanswered: mycc on W2K, can't connect anything then localhost

    I'm using MyCC 0.8.4 alpha on various w2K machines on different networks and I get the same failure all the time i try to connect to an other server then localhost.

    [server01] ERROR : Connection to MySQL Server failed

    when i leave the username and the pw field empty, he says connection ok, which of course isn't very helpful...
    Any hints or ideas?


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    Unhappy MyCC


    I am also having the same problem. I install MyCC, but cannot get connection to my MySQL server. I cannot find any documentation on MyCC at all. Can anyone HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks in advance ......

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    I found out what the problem is. I had the same problem as you guys but I found the problme.

    What I thought was that when you install MySQL on a linux it does not grant other hosts and users.
    The problem is in the hosts and user table in the database mysql.

    Becasue I didn´t know how to adjust that I downloaded Webmin from

    Go to the tabblad servers and click on MySQL Database Server.

    First adjust the hosts permissions and make a grant for all hostst and all priviliges.
    Then you have to make a grant that says that the user root can come from any hosts.

    Save the values and you will be able to connect to your server.

    If you have any problems still, mail me at


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