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    I want to have separate form for displaying Bounded OLE Object. I have one form with the record source, where user will navigate the records. On this form, user will be able to click a button, and I will display the object (or picture) on separate form. How to do this? How to pass the object? Should I have hidden bounded object on the form, and refer to it from the pop up form? What do you think about the best way of inputting the object? As the bounded frame in the main form is invisible, I just decided to allow user adding object only on the pop up form.

    Using a button, I can run command acInsertObject. However, can I choose the file type, and select the directory from the code?

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    Maybe you can create a general variabel that the content is pointed to the record. It could be a query statement that select only one record you have already specify in the main form, the query itself changed everytime you navigate the table move or back.

    in this case general variable used to pass value from a form to another.
    General variable can be created in module by using Public key.

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