Hi Fellow Newsgroup Users ,

We Sybase users of Melbourne [AUSTRALIA] are in the process of forming
a local group 'Sybase Melbourne Users Group'. This is no different from
that formed in Sydney {AUSTRALIA] last month and also just like those
already running elsewhere in the world.
The idea behind this users group is to share experiences in Sybase
technology by exploiting the physical proximity of the members of the group.
This means regular group meetings, invited speeches, and so on.

Please find a draft agenda of the first Melbourne users group meeting
To be held Sep 25 the Wednesday at 6 PM in Melbourne [AUSTRALIA].

Any one interested in Sybase technology is welcome to join.

Find out more about it in the first meet.
Let's make it a success.

I am appending the agenda of the first meet below.

Bhaskar Pilak

The Sybase Melbourne User Group presents our 1st Melbourne Event

The Australian Sybase User Group and local chapters are being revived
with a terrific attendance at the first meeting in Sydney last month.
Due to the fantastic response the Melbourne chapter is also being launched.
ASUG would like to extend a warm invitation to you to attend.

Our FIRST meeting is on the Wednesday - 25th September, 2002 .
Please feel welcome to join us for discussions and presentations,
to meet your fellow Sybase professionals and enjoy some drinks
and pizza afterwards.

If you have further questions on the group,
please call (03) 9520 4000 or register @ aus_events@sybase.com

Date Wednesday, 25th September 2002
Time : 6.00PM

Venue: 12th Floor, 636 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne [Australia].

6.00PM: Welcome and Introductions, Robert Spinks (Southern Region Manager Sybase )
6:10 Sybase Melbourne User Group, Dr Bhaskar Pilak (SMUG)
6:20: ISUG / ASUG Events and Plans, Anthony Mandic ( ISUG Executive )
6:40: PowerBuilder 8 Exception Handling, Hazem Fada ( Consultant DWS )
Essential for distributed computing where robust and efficient code is
an absolute necessity. Learn to use the new exception handling features
of PowerBuilder 8 for distributed PowerBuilder and Java components.
Learn how exceptions interoperate within EAServer.
This presentation will demonstrate why exception handling is necessary
in distribute computing, how this is done with PowerBuilder and offer
practical guidance on its implementation.
7:10: ASE 12.5 Page Sizes, Joe Woodhouse ( Technical Evangelist Sybase )
For the first time, ASE 12.5 introduces the possibility of database page sizes
larger that 2Kb. That might not seem very exciting but it's been a hotly
requested feature for years now. The presentation looks at this new
feature from the perspective of preparing for an upgrade to, or new
installation of, ASE 12.5. What page size should I be using,
what are the pros and cons? What issues for an upgrade?
Once a page size is decided at install time it can't be changed,
so if you're planning your upgrade to ASE 12.5 this is something
you have to get right the first time.

This presentation will tell you what you need to know to get it right.
7:50 Wrap up, general discussion, next meeting and subjects,
Dr Bhaskar Pilak ( SMUG )
8:00 Close

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

[ Sybase is supporting this in a big way]