We are attempting to install MSDE (SQL 7.0) on a machine which has the client network utility installed (SQL7.0 SP1).

This fails stating that the version we are trying to install (7.00.623) is older than the currently installed one (7.00.694).

We have looked in the registry and as advised on the Microsoft Web site (for the instance where an older version of SQL Server is installed) we edited both the keys.


MicrosoftSQLServer\ClientSetup\CurrentVersion\7.00 .623

...and the install still fails. It seems to be getting the current version from elsewhere. No other entries in the registry as far as we can see.

Has anyone else come across this problem?

We are looking for a workaround which does not involve us having to uninstall the client network utility, Install MSDE and re-install the client + service pack, as we would like to automate this task and run it remotely for 50+ machines.

Any help would be welcome.