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    Unanswered: formatting rows after data sql*ldr data import

    I need to load about 800Mb worth of data into a table daily, using sql*ldr.
    If i use the to_date function to format data as it goes into the table, sql*ldr uses conventional path load which takes ages, so I decided to keep the date as CHAR, so that it will use direct path load.

    Is there any way of converting the data quickly, after it has been loaded, without using an INSERT statement for each row?

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    Use the built in SQL*Loader date conversion functionality. The following works in direct mode.
     ,eff_dte    POSITION(410:419) DATE "YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS"
     ,exp_dte    POSITION(420:429) DATE "MM-DD-RR"

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