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    Question Unanswered: Error while reading an sybase database

    I have next problem: When importing in King our Sybase Database (wassen.db), a box appears with the notification:

    Can't perform the select of the administration Wassen. Wassen.log can't be used. It's used more recenly then Wassen.db. When you've imported a backup, you may delete this log.

    But, when deleting this logfile, there's no change. The box appears too. Importing this database give also an error.

    What can I do? Is there any recoverytool?


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    Hiyas Gerbert,

    Your problem description is not very clear. I assume that you are talking about ASA.

    However, from what I could understand from the details. There seems to be a transaction that the database expects in the log and for some reason the log got corrupted or was made unavailable prior to checkpoint.

    You can start the Wassen.db using the -f switch and force the database to start without the transaction log. Remember this will leave the db in a highly inconsistent state, and you need to immediately unload the database and rebuild a new one.


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