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    Exclamation Unanswered: Please HELP! Unknown Database Format!

    I am working on a project dealing with a DOS based application which I have been told is C++ based. There are tens of thousands of records in the database for the application. All I need to do is get the data out of the database. I do not care if it is CSV or whatever format.

    My problem is that I have no idea what type or format the database is in and the application provides very limited export functions. The company that made the application wants $4.00 PER RECORD to export the data!!!

    I have tried to open the database with Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Paradox, DBase and MyDB without success. Everything I have tried says the DB is an unrecognized format.

    Here are the details for the application:

    Application Files: HORIZON.EXE and HORIZON.UAT
    Database Files: CCMS2001.HDB and TABLES.RDB (from db folder)
    Report Files: ADDRESS.EFD, ADDRESS.XRP, SYSABS1.LTR and SCHABS1.LTR (from reports folder)

    *I was told by the company who made the application that the database is a C++ database...not sure what that means?
    *Does anyone recognize these db files?
    *How can I determine the db format?
    *How can I get the data out from the application?


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    This is just a bit of guess work.

    If the database really is a C++ database it probable consists of one or more binary files written by the C++ program (although if you're really lucky they could be in simple text format).

    Try opening one of the files with WordPad, or even Word. If the company haven't done their job properly you may be able to see the data. Then it's just a case of working out the file delimiter characters, or how many characters per record (or field).

    Good luck

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