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    Unhappy Unanswered: sendobject

    I have a workorder database ( access 97) where I try to send e-mail responses with a command button when the work is done.
    I use this in the event procedure command button
    Dim stinfo As String
    stinfo = "Your work order no. " + Me![W O Number] + " has been done"

    DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject, , acFormatTXT, Me![email], , ,"Confirmation of Work Order", stinfo, True
    where Me![W O Number] and Me![email] are varables from the access form.

    This works on a windows 95 machine but not on a windows 98 or XP machine. The error message is 2046, command or action sendobject isn't
    available now.

    From this I would thank it is a machine config issue ruther than a program problem;
    but I do not know what.
    Thanks for you help.


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    Seems to be either MAPI isn't installed or Outlook isn't set as the default mail handler.
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    Remove Outlook Express from your system
    Reboot the machine
    Reinstall Outlook Express
    Reboot the machine
    Change the default mail client to what you need.

    This has worked in my case...


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