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    Red face Unanswered: Firewalling in Linux

    can any one explain me how to connect into a linux SuSE 9i database trough a firewall, using only the 1521 port ? In Windows servers, this is a trouble (must active use_shared_socket, etc, etc, etc.), but and in a Linux environment ?
    Thanks in advance to everybody !

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    The best solution when dealing with firewalls is to work with the firewall vendor to get oracle configured to pass through the firewall.

    Oracle does not support pass through a firewall directly. They have alliance with different firewall vendors and provide them with connection manager which they modify to work with their firewall.

    The next option is for you to configure connection manager.

    The linux client is most likely experiencing slower response time, because it is trying more paths before it failes. Try to edit the SQLNET.ORA in the oracle_home/network/admin, net80/admin or where the TNSADMIN points, either remove the sqlnet.expire_time or set is to some value like 30. Then stop and restart the listener for the change to take effect.

    Hope that helps,

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    If you want to keep the firewall in place, you could you use ssh with the -L directive. `man ssh` for all the details.

    To get you on the way, -L will forward all requests to your local port to a destination port via ssh.


    ssh -L

    When you execute this, you are forwarding all data to your 1521 to another computers 1521 through ssh (port 22).

    Just make sure that sshd is installed and running somewhere (either on the db itself, or another machine in the network).

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