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    Unanswered: db2move error URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am porting DB2 database from NT to AIX.
    I have used the following db2move command from the NT node :

    db2move <database-name> export -u <username> -p <password>
    All tables are exported and the corresponding .ixf and .msg files are created.

    Then I am using using FTP to tranfer the .ixf and .msg files to the AIX box.

    Now when I am issuing
    db2move <database-name> import -u <username> -p <password>

    it is giving error for some table that the specified table cannot be replaced because another table is dependant on it.

    How to resolve this problem.

    Please help !!

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    Re: db2move error URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I usually run the script multiple number of times. This way in the first iteration all my parent tables are created and some of my dependent tables are not created.(For similar reasons cited by you too)
    My latter iterations in the script will ensure that all the remaining tables are created.


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    Re: db2move error URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't you simply use the "-io replace_create" option to take care of this automatically ?

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