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    Question Unanswered: truncate transcation log

    I understood that when executing "BACKUP LOG" command
    the log file is not physicly truncated , the only thing this command does it
    to mark the virtual log file as been truncated and only if I use
    DBCC SHRINKDATABASE , DBCC SHRINKFILE or autoshrink operation the file is actually shrinking.

    Am I right ?

    if this is the case what is better ?
    using DBCC SHRINKFILE / DBCC SHRINKDATABASE or using autoshrink .

    can I use the "removed unused space from database files" option in
    the "database maintenance plan" to physicly shrink transcation log file.

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    Important issue, maybe someone could check one of those SQL Server 2000 "bibles", I don't have one here yet.

    BOL says
    "Truncation does not reduce the size of a physical log file, it reduces the
    size of the logical log file. For information on shrinking the size of a
    physical log file, see Shrinking the Transaction Log"

    See "Truncating the Transaction Log" and "Shrinking the Transaction Log" in BOL.
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